Junko Mizuno’s Food Obsession 4 (2022)

Print Design
Product Design
Interactive Design

Client: Junko Mizuno

For Junko Mizuno’s fourth and final Food Obsession exhibition at Gallery Nucleus, the opening reception featured a private catered dinner. With Junko in attendance, each of her paintings were revealed in conjunction with a special themed appetizers.

For this project, each guest recieved a hand-embelished and embossed menu, a custom made candle of Junko’s Icho character, and an “ouroboros”  wine glass and handkerchief.

Learn more about the event here

Private Opening Reception Exclusives
To fit with the themes of "Food Obsession" and "The Last Course," it would be appropriate to serve a coursed dinner. Along with the food, I also designed a wine glass, handkerchiefs, and a romantic candle based on Junko's original character, Icho-chan, which roughly translates to "gut/intestine friend.”

Menu Design
Junko is known for her cute yet gory illustrations. To match her overall branding, I used a cute, girly color palette to contrast her freaky & gothic illustrated motifs. My goal was to make the menu easily recognizable as her exhibition and her artwork, while also complementing the pieces shown on opening night.